Amy Salomon, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Center for Research and Evaluation
Amy Salomon, Ph.D., is the director of AHP’s Center for Research and Evaluation and is responsible for managing and building AHP’s research and evaluation wing. Dr. Salomon has 25 years of experience in applied research, human service program development, public policy analysis, and knowledge product development. Her work has focused on applying research techniques and findings to improve programs and practices. Her content expertise focuses on the nexus of interpersonal violence, behavioral health disorders (including trauma), criminal justice, and extreme poverty in women and youth. Most recently, Dr. Salomon has also focused on evaluating complex system-level change processes and the adoption of evidence-based practices in public systems serving vulnerable populations. Dr. Salomon has special expertise in qualitative methods and implementation research, including case study, participant observation, site visit, and focus group methodologies.

Prior to joining AHP, Dr. Salomon was executive director of the National Center on Family Homelessness, where she led the Center’s cross-site process evaluation for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Women, Co-Occurring Disorders, and Violence Study and was the project director for a National Institute of Mental Health-funded five-year longitudinal case-control study of risk factors for family homelessness.

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