Ron Kercheval, M.B.A.

Senior Financial Consultant
Ron Kercheval, M.B.A., is a senior financial consultant for AHP Healthcare Solutions. His areas of expertise include health care financing, reimbursement and revenue cycle management; financial analysis, projections and modeling; strategic planning, forecasting, and acquisitions; business process reengineering; installation of information technology systems, creation of data warehouses and related analytic tool sets; and metric-driven process improvement and quality management. He has developed market-based strategic plans and metric-based business plans for firms across many industries. As a consultant, he has led teams to improve cash flow by increasing accuracy and first time pass-through for claims, reducing submission cycle time and increasing the recovery of funds paid to providers that are not covered by contracts. Mr. Kercheval also frequently handles large data sets combining claims, financials, economic, geographic and demographic, and other categories to develop fact-based financial and process models in support of metric-based process improvement. He helps clients develop dashboard key performance indicator goals that are supported with internally generated metrics for change management. Mr. Kercheval has more than 20 years of experience in many industries, including health care, health insurance, and Fortune 100 companies, which gives him a unique mix of problem-solving approaches. He previously served as a chief financial officer and director of financial analytics and has run an analytic shop for a large Blue Cross/Blue Shield on the West Coast.

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