AHP understands because we’ve walked in your shoes as leaders, managers, clinicians, and policy-makers, and because we bring technical and personal knowledge of the populations and issues we help you address. As socially responsible professionals, our experts care about getting you results that align with your organization’s values and with best practices.
You’ll benefit from working with the experts who have helped to shape today’s health care environment and who understand that our health care system represents an unparalleled opportunity for improvement on all levels. With every engagement, our focus is on change and improvement, supporting you and your organization and ultimately improving the lives of the individuals and populations you serve.

David B. Centerbar, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate

Laurie C. Curtis, M.A.

Senior Program Manager

Fran Basche, M.A.

Senior Program Manager

Adrian Bishop, B.Sc.

Director, eHealth and Organizational Development

Sherri Downing, B.A.

Senior Program Manager