Patricia (Pat) Tucker, M.B.A., M.A.

Senior Program Manager

Patricia (Pat) Tucker, M.B.A., M.A., is an experienced trainer and technical assistance (TA) provider at AHP. Ms. Tucker is a nationally recognized leader in supportive housing, supported employment, and community integration for people with disabilities, including those with behavioral health conditions. As a senior program manager and one of AHP’s top trainers, Ms. Tucker’s professional experiences and creative spirit produce a training style that is concise, easily followed, worthwhile, and fun. She brings a passion to her trainings and successfully takes difficult, complex subjects and transforms them into information everyone can enjoy. Regardless of the topic, people attending Ms. Tucker’s trainings gain a deeper, fuller, and clearer understanding of the content area and the skills necessary to complete related tasks with greater confidence and effectiveness. She consistently scores well above average on training evaluations and clients nearly always request that she return and train additional staff.

Ms. Tucker provides TA and training to providers throughout the country in the following evidence-based practices: supported employment, permanent supportive housing, harm reduction, case management, and Motivational Interviewing. In addition, Ms. Tucker has conducted assessments of programs around the country providing supported employment and permanent supportive housing to determine whether those programs meet fidelity.